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Wooden Teak Tray

You won't have to be a buttler to appreciate the beauty and versatility of our variety of trays

having-multitude of uses and will be a beautiful accent for a kitchen, coffee table or any other serving purposes. Crafted of environmentally friendly woods, these trays are wonderfull way to elegantly serve foods and makes a beautiful addition to the table. These richly colored serving trays were harvested of sustainable woods. Available in multiple sizes and forms.


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Wooden Boxes

Kediri Wood Industry is your one stop and complete source for finished custom wood boxes

Wooden boxes for special marketing, presentation and packaging purposes. We can provide unlimited sizes, shapes, finishes as well many types of marking and labels. Interiors can be made to meet your specific needs as well. Prototypes can be produced and complete customs can be made. We will be glad to offer our suggestions and custom design service for both the box and artwork


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Packaging and Other Products

We are the specialist and we deliver the state of art wood crafts.

We are really proud to announce that we are able to create and develop many other products concerning wood crafts